E Brandstof

E Brandstof


Fuel mixing for the SPARTAMET.
The fuel mix for the Spartamet is easy to do yourself.
The base is Super-petrol (RON98) and a good quality 2 stroke oil.
Normal fuel oil ratio is 100:1.
The manufacturer als recommens the use of a good lead-substitute.

This mix is different from what is selled at the station as 2-stroke mix.
This mix has a ratio of 50:1 and contains twice the amount of oil the engine requires.
Small amounts can be mixed in the tank but it is easyer to mix a larger jerrycan.

Mixing in the tank.
First put 1 liter petrol in the tank and add 10 ml. oil.
Shake the bike to mix.
Mixing in a 5 liter jerrycan.
Fill the jerrycan with 5 liter petrol.
Add 50 ml. oil
Shake thorougly.
Before every use shake again.
Text from the instruction manual “SPARTAMET & RABBIT”.
The mix ratio depends on the road conditions.
On flat roads and for small distances (<10 km.) use 100:1.
When the load is heavyer, longer distances or climbing increase the ratio up to 50:1

For the best results in holland in city traffic 100:1 is used.
When touring around a ratio of 80:1 is advisable.

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